Sprucing Up For Spring

Spring is in the air. It was sort of like bears awakening from the den last weekend as we looked around the neighborhood. People doing yard work, walking the dog, or playing ball with the kids. [...]

Popular Summertime Home Improvement Projects

Some of the most popular summertime home improvement projects that save time and money include: Overdue Home Repairs & Replacements Whether it’s a light fixture, kitchen appliance, siding, or [...]

How to Hang Christmas Lights without Damaging Your Roof

Gutter Helmet gutter guards are a wise investment for your home. They keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of your gutters so runoff water flows smoothly toward your downspouts. Plus, [...]

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Be sure to check a few of these off the list before deer season. Fall has settled in and the clock is running to get your house in shape for the winter months. The cold weather always brings a [...]

Ice Dam Prevention with Metal Roofs

We are in the middle of the freeze/thaw season here in Wisconsin. This article offers some important ice dam prevention tips and describes some of the advantages metal roofs have this time of year.

5 Things to Expect When We Come to Your Home

Here’s a list of 5 things you can expect from us when we visit your home to evaluate a Home Improvement project. Professionalism – We will respect you and your home and property. You [...]

10 Ways to Find a Contractor YOU can Trust

1) Check with friends and family. Talking with Friends and Family that have been through a project can help give you some insight into their experiences, costs, and who they might recommend. 2) [...]