Spring is in the air. It was sort of like bears awakening from the den last weekend as we looked around the neighborhood. People doing yard work, walking the dog, or playing ball with the kids. All sure signs that we have turned the page on Old Man Winter and can finally celebrate the coming seasons.

One thing most people associate with spring is cleaning. We need to vacuum the car, air out the house, and maybe touch up the paint on the front door. But it’s also the time we develop our to-do lists for the year. If you’re like most people we’ve been working with, you’ve had a need to replace you siding or windows for a long time, but have put it off because it sounded like a hassle.

Putting off home repairs is sort of like avoiding the dentist. We know we should be doing something about it, but we don’t feel up to the task or like putting ourselves through the process. Plus it’s going to be really expensive. Is it really worth it anyway?

At Wrightway Home Improvements, we get it. Just like you, we want to do it once in our lifetime and then not have to worry about it. We are always looking for great products that can help deliver on these goals. We take care of your property like it is our own. We build relationships and make the experience how we would like to be treated.

As you look ahead, please take a look at your list of home projects including window replacement (consider Marvin Infinity), entry doors (Waudena Millwork), Siding (ABC Seamless), Steel Roofing, Composite Decking, or gutters (Gutter Helmet). We have dedicated install teams that know the installation for these products inside out.

Let us help you check one of those long overdue projects off your list this year and if you’re concerned about the cost of a project, we have creative ways to finance projects to give you the flexibility you need.



Wrightway is the Marvin Infinity Windows dealer in the Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, and Appleton, WI territories. We have an expansive service area and we are experts in replacing siding, windows, and gutters and installing gutter guards. Replace your windows today and free up some of your time for more important things. Find out more at www.WrightwayBuilt.com.