1) Check with friends and family.

Talking with Friends and Family that have been through a project can help give you some insight into their experiences, costs, and who they might recommend.

2) Read about them on the internet

Are they a legitimate brick and mortar business? Or are they a fly-by-night company just passing through town knocking on doors. Or maybe they are a new company with no track record to support. Look them up and do some research online.

3) How long has the company been in business?

Longevity of a business is very positive in our industry. Home improvement companies come and go and you may be left in the dark if you have an issue and there is no one to stand behind the work that’s been done. You can do a very quick search with the Better Business Bureau to find out how long a company has been around.

4) Do their trucks look clean?

Clean trucks mean someone is taking care to make sure things are in place and well-cared for. Image is important.

5) Are the employees in clean uniforms?

Clean uniforms may seem trivial, but it also show what attention the business pays to the details. To be a professional, you need to dress the part.

6) What type of warranties or guarantees does the company offer?

Most respectable companies will provide any relevant documentation for warranties and guarantees up front. If they are unwilling to provide a document, something might be fishy. Be sure to check out the manufacturer’s warranty too. Most post these on their websites and are accessible to the public.

7) Is the company licensed and insured?

Not only does licensure provide another check for credibility, but most it shows that the company goes through the necessary steps to understand and follow the building code requirements. It’s also important that you protect yourself by making sure any contractor working on your home is insured. They should be able to provide you a certificate of insurance upon request.

8) Are there testimonials or letters from current customers?

Trusting a contractor goes no further than hearing about others experiences. A contractor should be able to show you some of the work they’ve done with some strong testimonials from past customers.

9) Are they active in your community?

Generally caring and engaging in your community are excellent litmus tests for any business. If a business is active in the community, it encourages others to do the same and together build something bigger than ourselves.

10) Are they Factory-Trained Technicians?

Most manufacturers are interested in their product being install properly. We make sure our staff is trained to do the jobs we ask them to do. Many companies don’t have the time or resources to commit to it and are left with a sink or swim mentality for their field staff.

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