As summer turns up the heat this week, take notice of your windows. Recent storms and years of exposure to sun and other harsh elements may have worn away the appearance of your window finishes, you can save yourself the hassle of maintenance by upgrading to more durable, high-performance Infinity® from Marvin Replacement Windows, which are available in more exterior and interior finishes than ever before.

As home design trends evolve, we’ve updated our line of finish options to give customers better choices when choosing finishes that suit their home exteriors and interiors. This includes a new exterior finish that offers a modern take on a classic look. Here’s a look at the most popular window finishes this year, as well as what you gain by upgrading to Infinity Replacement Windows.

The Importance of a Superior Finish

Replacement windows are an investment in your home, and a quality finish is one of the best ways to protect that investment. Infinity from Marvin windows are designed to offer exceptional durability against the elements that degrade window finishes over time. This includes a mechanically bonded finish that is up to three times thicker than finishes from competing window brands, providing superior resistance to both scratches and UV degradation. This means your finishes will maintain their look and sheen for much longer than what you get from competing window brands.

To extend the life of your windows, Infinity from Marvin windows incorporate acrylic into its finish to maximize color retention and window durability. Over time, this means less maintenance for homeowners and an appearance that will continue to look new years after the windows have been installed.

Interior and Exterior Finish Options

Both exterior and interior finishes are available in a range of options to suit your preferred color schemes and your sense of style. While Stone White is the standard color used for both interior and exterior finishes, interior color options also include Sierra and EverWood®, a stainable woodgrain interior finish that you can match to your existing woodwork.

For exterior window colors, homeowners can choose from Sierra, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Bahama Brown and Bronze, as well as Ebony, a new addition to the Infinity from Marvin lineup. But if these stock options aren’t what you’re looking for, these replacement windows can be painted any color you want, giving you endless options as you seek out the perfect look.

Ebony is a Classic AND Modern Exterior

A new addition to Marvin’s Wood-Ultrex line of products is Ebony, an exterior finish offering a classic, but modern look that maintains its look over time. Darker colors like ebony have historically been difficult to use as an exterior color because the materials used to produce these colors tended to degrade quickly over time, causing the products to fade or take on a chalky appearance.

That’s no longer the case. The patented Ultrex finish used on Marvin Infinity Windows is perfectly suited to resist scratching, fading, sun damage, cracking and other signs of wear and tear that are easy to spot on dark exterior finishes. This mechanically bonded finish is five times more resistant to UV damage than other competing finishes, ensuring that your Ebony window finish will continue to look great even after years of exposure to the elements.

Don’t sacrifice style just because you want a window that is resistant to damage and deterioration. Choose the right windows with the right kind of finish and you can get the best of both worlds: Stunning new windows that will maintain their look for years to come.

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