A Homeowner-First Approach to Window Replacement

No homeowner ever gets truly excited about replacing their windows. It can be a challenging process filled with new terminology, options, and questions. And then more questions.

As an exterior replacement contractor, it’s up to us to play a guiding role in your window replacement journey. Our winning solution comes with one goal in mind – minimal worry and disruption for the homeowner. We know the importance of being helpful and earning a customer for life, so we make sure you get the experience we all want for ourselves.

Few understand the replacement process better than our own Joe Mand. As someone in the industry for more than 15 years, he leads our window replacement team at Wrightway.

It’s his business to understand the journey homeowners go through and insure we offer the right solution at the right time for each customer. “We are constantly evaluating each homeowners needs,” Mand says. “We know there are many good reasons to replace windows, from improving window operation to the look of the home to energy savings. But every homeowner has a different root problem they want to solve with a replacement project.”

After many years in the industry, we decided to reevaluate the experience of our homeowners. Each pain point and hurdle was considered, but here are the basic results from our evaluation. There are seven key points that we want to focus on with each appointment we run.

  1. Advise. What homeowners really want is someone who can assess the problem and show them the way forward. What is the issue with the existing windows? What are the window replacement options that are out there.
  2. Listen. Each homeowner wants someone that listens carefully and they can confidently lean on for advice. We pay attention to what each customer says and what is driving their decision-making. If it’s aesthetics, we’ll focus on popular window styles or wood options.
  3. Focus. We know almost every homeowner has done a fair amount of research online. Sometimes this creates additional confusion. It’s important to us to understand what you want to accomplish and show you which products can help them meet their goals.
  4. Demonstrate. It’s difficult for most of us to simply visualize or imagine what a new window option would look like.  We’ve helped homeowners overcome this using real life samples, or, in some cases, actually tape new windows dimensions or divided lite patterns on the wall. We also have window corner cut samples, along with interior and exterior color chips to keep the imagining to a minimum.
  5. Endorse.  We are proud of our expertise. While we know that you may have talked to someone else about new windows or had a quick look at a home improvement store, we have confidence in our process and product that only comes from working with it day in and day out, 365 days a year.
  6. Calm. Once the new windows are ordered, we know different emotions come out: relieved, excited and antsy.  We work to provide you with regular project updates. We also explain what will happen next. We’ve never had a complaint from a homeowner that we were too good at communication or that they are too informed. So, we’ll keep at it.
  7. Follow Through. We aim to be proactive after installation. We want to know if there are concerns with your new window installation and that everything is as expected. Are there concerns? Do you need some help with operation? These are normal questions and part of any window or door project. We want to make sure you are not only happy with the installation, but also ready to use the product. This is why we follow through and follow-up.

It’s interesting that after so many years in the business, the important pieces actually come down to something other than a flashy presentation. Knowledge and expertise really do matter and you’ll find no company more qualified to install new windows in your home than Wrightway Home Improvements in Fond du Lac.


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