We often don’t think about replacing our windows until it’s too late, and the changing Wisconsin weather has left them dirty, dull and drafty, leaking air in and out, and wreaking havoc on our energy bill. If you don’t think replacing your windows counts as a good investment in your home, you might want to take another look at just what your current windows are costing you.

Your Home Will Look Better!

Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows are designed to look just like wood windows, so you get all the upside of the classic look with the benefits of modern fiberglass technology. These fiberglass windows are stronger than any other vinyl or “composite” windows, meaning they can hold their weight better too, requiring a much smaller frame. A smaller frame means a bigger viewing area, allowing more light into the home and a better view out! Finally, you can paint these fiberglass windows to create the perfect color for YOUR home. Replacing your windows with Infinity from Marvin fiberglass can transform your home and make it look better, inside and out!

Your Home Will Feel Better!

In central Wisconsin, we’ve all felt the effects of bad windows, whether we know it or not. Because of the annual changes in temperature, low quality windows will expand and retract as they heat up and cool down, damaging the seal and frame and eventually allowing air in and out. These drafty windows cause individual rooms or whole houses to feel much hotter during the summer and colder during the winter than they should. But because of their construction, Infinity fiberglass windows from Marvin are impervious to the changing Winnebago temperatures, and won’t break the seal or frames as the weather changes. That means your home feels better year round!

You Will Spend Less Money

Lots of home improvement decisions involve finances and saving money, and replacing your windows with Infinity from Marvin can help! Remember those drafty windows? They aren’t just making your house uncomfortable; they are sending your energy bills through the roof as you use too much heat in the winter and crank the A/C higher in the summer. By installing these energy-efficient fiberglass windows, you can quickly see your home use less energy for heating and cooling and see the savings on your bill every month.

We say it over and over – “The only thing costing your more money than replacing your windows is keeping your old ones.”


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