Our guide to understanding the difference between insert and full frame window replacement.

When it’s time to replace your windows, there are seemingly endless choices to be made. In addition to size, shape, aesthetics and how the window functions, you’ll most likely have to choose between insert replacement and full-frame replacement. When you’re unfamiliar with window and door terminology, or like many, are replacing windows for the first time, these terms can be confusing. We want to demystify the process and to explain what you’ll need to know to choose the right window replacement solution for your home.

What is Insert Window Replacement?

The quick explanation: Insert window replacement is when new windows are installed within the existing frame. Only the old sash, hardware and covers are removed and replaced.

  • Benefit: less extensive installation and typically lower cost; preserves existing interior and exterior trim
  • Limitation: only an option if you have structurally sound wood or aluminum frames; and you may see a slight reduction of glass space

What else?: When you choose insert window replacement, new windows are installed within the existing window frame. Also known as “frame-in-frame replacement” or a “pocket window,” it’s an option when your existing wood or aluminum window frames are structurally sound and you want to preserve existing interior and exterior trim. The existing sash, operating hardware, and covers are removed and the new window unit is inserted into the old frame where it is anchored, insulated, and sealed.

Because existing trim and siding are not disturbed, this is generally a quicker installation and typically a lower cost replacement solution. An insert window is a great option when you’re happy with the size, shape, and operating style of your existing window.

Even relatively new vinyl windows – less than 10 years old – can suffer from seal failures and degradation from exposure to weather and may need to be replaced. Note that insert replacement is usually not an option when replacing vinyl windows since the vinyl frames commonly lack the structure to support a quality and long-lasting replacement solution.

What is Full-Frame Window Replacement?

The quick explanation: Full-frame window replacement is when existing windows are completely removed down to the studs and the new window is installed in the opening.

  • Benefit: Allows a professional to inspect for and repair water damage; offers flexibility to replace with a new style or size window
  • Limitation: More extensive installation and typically higher cost; requires removal of interior and exterior trim, and occasionally siding

Tell me more: When you choose full-frame window replacement, existing windows or doors are completely removed down to the studs, along with interior and exterior trim (and occasionally some siding), and the new window is installed in the opening.  By exposing the original opening, full-frame replacement allows for inspection and repair of areas with rotting wood and water damage where the existing window’s failure has allowed weather into your home’s structure.

Full-frame replacement is a more extensive installation process and typically carries a higher price point, but it also offers the flexibility of replacing with a new style or size window. Consider replacing a hard to reach double hung window with an easy-to-open crank-out awning window over the sink. You can add a door where there was a window, or extend your view and let more light into a room by bringing the window sill closer to the floor or your kitchen counter. Changing the size can affect the price, but working within the height and width of the existing opening can help to limit additional expense.

Full-frame replacement is usually necessary when you have vinyl frames, your frames have sustained damage over the years or you are remodeling your home.

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