One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is with your windows. As the daylight hours slowly return minute by minute, we are constantly reminded of underperforming windows and doors. If you’re experience drafts or leaks in your windows, it might be time to consider replacement windows for your home. Wrightway Home Improvements can help you evaluate your current window situation and offer a window solution crafted to address energy saving in Fond du Lac.

Our window solution is based on a combination of four technologies that will make your home naturally warm this winter:

1. Number of Panes

This refers to the number of glass sheets the window has. The idea is to fill the space between the panes with an insulating gas to minimize thermal transfer. With an optimal glass distance and right type of gas, most of the heat wouldn’t escape your home. We recommend double-paned windows for your next home improvement project. Our Infinity from Marvin windows are an especially effective window to help you achieve your desired indoor climate using less energy.

2. Insert Gas Fill

The most popular insulating gas choices are the stable, noble gases argon and krypton. These gases help to slow the movement of cool and warm air in the glass airspace, improving your home’s ability to retain its temperature. Together with other components, it creates a comfortable indoor environment in both the cooling and heating season.

3. Window Frame Material

Other than the window glass, heat passes through the frame as well. Some materials conduct energy more than others do, which is why you have to choose the right one. At Wrightway Home Improvements, our most popular frame is  Ultrex® fiberglass. Used in Infinity from Marvin from a fiberglass pultrusion material, it insulates 500 times better than aluminum.

4. Low-Emissivity Coatings

Low-E, or low emissivity, is a special coating made of silver oxide that, when applied to a glass surface, can help deflect heat back to its source. Sun’s rays are reflected outside and the inside warmth in a home remains inside. Glass manufacturers apply a microscopically thin layer to the interior side of the exterior pane of insulated glass.

At Wrightway Home Improvements, all of our windows come with a Low-E coating technology to provide seasonal heat gain control. Utilizing a Low-E coating will allow you to you to naturally warm your home in winter and prevent it from overheating in summer.

Make sure you look for these components for your next window or door project.


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