This article first appeared on and was written by Wrightway’s own Joe Mand.


We ask a lot from our gutters. We expect them to function properly year round and to support the weight of heavy rain, snow, ice and wet debris in addition to their own.

Gutters bear these extra stresses with the help of fasteners called hangers. When hanging gutter systems, contractors use these to secure guttering to the building. They are spaced every two to three feet to ensure that your gutters will stay put through hell and high water.

Hangers come in several different styles, each with its own pros and cons. The type of hangers used largely dictates how long and how well your gutters will hold up.


Hangers Secured to Fascia

Most types of hangers mount onto fascia board or other vertical structural members. They are simpler in construction and are easier to install than hangers that mount onto subroofs.


Spikes and ferrules

This hanger system is inexpensive and easy to install. The spike driven straight through the gutter makes it very secure when first installed, but repeated freeze and thaw cycles can cause it to work loose over time.




Exposed brackets and straps

An exposed bracket and strap system wraps around the guttering for extra strength. It gives the gutter freedom to expand and contract; however, straps can be knocked off during cleaning and maintenance.



Hidden hangers

A hidden hanger is clipped under the front gutter hem and screwed through the back of the gutter and into the supporting structure. It is a popular choice for aesthetic reasons as well as for performance.

Hangers Secured to Subroof

These systems are used when the roof projects too far out or when the support structure is set too far back. They allow the gutter to be installed in such a way that the projection won’t cause runoff to shoot past the troughs’ edge.


T-bar or T-strap hangers

A T-bar resembles a hidden hanger with a roof strap riveted to its middle. This forms a suspension system where the roof strap is nailed to the roof deck and the hanger holds the guttering in place.

K Style T-Strap & Hanger attached to Gutter

Wrap-around hangers

A wrap-around hanger is a cross between a T-bar and an exposed bracket and strap system. It is also stronger than both.


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