Gutter Helmet adds Helmet Heat to control ice dams and ice damage to roof and gutter systems in Wisconsin.

It’s ice dam season. If you have insulation or air leakage issues, you’re probably starting to see those issues present in the form of ice build ups at the edge of your roof. Ice dams are caused from snowmelt getting trapped at the edge of your roof and over time it builds and starts to move the dam up the roof. When there is a significant melting event, the liquid will dam behind the ice and could start to migrate inside the attic space. In some cases, the weight of ice can actually overburden the gutter which can result in a gutter falling off the house.

A long-standing attempt to solve ice damming issues has been heat tape. This is an electric cord that produces enough electric heat to melt the ice in it direct contact. In theory, this would alleviate concerns about ice, but in practice, it moves the problem to another area – often up the roof.

Fortunately, we have a solution that takes advantage of the electric heat tape idea. It is a system that incorporates our exclusive gutter protection solution called Gutter Helmet and the good parts of heat tape. Our product is HELMET HEAT. Helmet Heat is designed to disclose the heat tape cable and the tape is integrated with the panel system for a uniform look. When it is on, the heated cable actually warms the entire panel and gives a much more uniform heat to eave of the roof.

A video of the system can be found here:



Some of the great benefits of this system include:

  • Reduces Ice Damming
  • Reduces Falling Ice and Snow
  • Hides heat tape, more aesthetically pleasing
  • Self-regulating power supply
  • Designed to operate as needed without on/off monitoring
  • Keeps water flowing through gutter system, not around it

Helmet Heat ice reduction system features a self-regulating conductive core that heats up only as needed, making it not only effective, but requires no daily operation so you aren’t on the hook to remember to turn it on and off. Helmet Heat’s highly engineered, conductive core increases its heat output when the temperature falls and decreases it heat output when the temperature rises.

The system is installed with our Gutter Helmet product and typically includes new, heavy-duty gutters and high-capacity downspouts for a complete gutter system upgrade.

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