Gutter Helmet Design

The Gutter Helmet product includes a textured surface which rainwater clings to as it flows downward. The cover has a curved nose that extends past the edge of the gutter, yet it enables rainwater to flow naturally into the gutter system thanks to water surface tension. Gutter Helmet’s reverse-curve gutter guard system offers four primary benefits.

  • Prevents debris clogs
  • Ensures open channel rainwater runoff
  • Prevents damage to the roof, gutter and structure of the home
  • Long-lasting, Low-maintenance

Effective Debris Shedding

When the rainwater reaches the edge of the Gutter Helmet system, it goes through a small gap between the helmet and the gutter. This stops debris, leaves and objects from entering gutters and clogging gutter systems. Only water can pass through this gap. The debris falls to the ground or blows away, instead of clogging up the gutters. This also minimizes clean-up after storms or other natural events where a lot of leaves, twigs and debris typically fall on roofs and gutters.

The Gutter Helmet system can handle over 22 inches of rain per hour without overflowing, which is twice the amount of the highest precipitation rate ever recorded in Madison or Milwaukee.

Precision Installation

Known for quality products and service, Wrightway Home Improvements is the premier installer the Gutter Helmet gutter cover product. During the installation of your new Gutter Helmet system, our technicians will clean out your existing gutters carefully. We also are careful about any mess they create during the process and always seek to leave your property in better shape than when we arrived. Gutter Helmet system installers follow methods approved by major roofing manufacturers to be sure that your roof warranty remains completely intact.

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