Gutter cleaning is one of those tedious tasks that homeowners always try to avoid. Many people, however, think that it’s fine to leave gutters be. What they do not realize is that clogs can result in structural issues. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent costly repairs to your gutters, roof, or siding.

Hazard-Free Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters by yourself can lead to many health issues. It is always ideal to hire professionals for home improvement projects such as this. Aside from our years of experience, Wrightway Home Improvement knows how to deal with gutter cleaning effectively.

Here are some of the problems that you can avoid by hiring professional help:

1. Muscle fatigue due to standing on the ladder for hours

2. Joint pains in moving the ladder from one point to another

3. Cuts caused by sharp gutter edges

4. Health problems caused by bacteria exposure from debris buildup

When you hire Wrightway Home Improvement to maintain your gutters, you can be sure that we keep ourselves safe during gutter maintenance. That is because we are equipped with proper safety tools. We also know how to clean gutters the most efficient way possible. One of our recommendations for a clog-free gutter is to install Gutter Helmet®.

Clog-Free Gutters All Year

Gutter Helmet is a protective cap we can install over your existing gutters. It has a textured surface where water clings to it, while debris falls over the edge of the cover. The patented nose-forward design and a 3/8-inch wide slit serves to filter water and debris. With these features, leaves, twigs, and other debris won’t get near your downspouts.

Our metal gutter guards in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, also come with Permalife™ finish for fade and corrosion resistance. Gutter Helmet is also known to handle 22 inches of rainwater per hour. We will install it on your roof using reinforced aluminum alloy brackets, so it will remain attached even during severe weather conditions.

Take the first step to prevent injuries due to gutter cleaning. Call us today to learn more about our Gutter Helmet system.

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