Extend your Living Space with a SunShade Awnings

A recent design trend in new home construction is the incorporation of outdoor leisure space. Outdoor kitchens, grilling areas, and fireplaces have become part of nearly every project. Our lifestyles have created a demand for these spaces, but many homeowners need a solution that can adapt their existing space to these changes. This is where SunShade Awnings fit in.

SunShade retractable awnings from Wrightway Home Improvements let you remodel your outdoor patio or deck into a convertible sunny and shaded space. Turn your deck or patio into the perfect shady retreat with a push of a button, keeping the area comfortable for you to enjoy. 

Custom-built for your home, SunShade awnings are manufactured by Gutter Helmet in the USA. SunShade retractable awnings are designed and engineered with precision for both easy functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. With concealed frame components, our SunShade awning frames do not require manual installation of pins, poles or braces to operate, unlike other awnings.

Get More Out of Your Outdoor Living Space

Using SunShade retractable awnings will define your outdoor living space. Since our awnings are made of durable, weatherproof fabric, you can enjoy your outdoor space even when it is raining.

Many of our customers utilize awnings in high sun exposure areas to reduce UV and solar heat gain through their windows. Stopping UV rays also helps prevent damage to your carpets, furniture and window treatments. When you use SunShade retractable awnings, you’ll also cut down on your energy bills by shielding your windows from the sun.

We offer a variety of SunShade retractable awnings in different colors, patterns, and sizes. All of our awnings are custom-made. We offer both manual and motorized options. The awnings come with a durable powder-coated white finish that is as much as four times thicker than paint. Even the nuts, bolts and mounting hardware are color-coordinated for a seamless, distinctive finish.

Other Features & Benefits

  • Reduces your energy costs up to 25%
  • Multiple projections available up to 14′ 8″
  • Frames available in four different color options
  • Widths available from 5′ to 40′
  • Optional Front Drop Valance for additional shade protection
  • Optional Wireless Motor with remote control
  • Optional Hood or Smart Case for complete fabric protection
  • Up to 15 Year Warranty

Design Elements

With the extension arm shoulder attached firmly to the mounting bar, the awning arms automatically set to the right pitch. SunShade retractable awnings have manual gears with an automatic stop for ease of use. The front bar provides stability and helps maintain the tension of the fabric, while offering a contoured and compact style. The PVC-covered arm cables resist corrosion from sand and moisture. The frame components are made of only corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

You can adjust the tilt of the awning from zero to 40 degrees, which helps when the sun is low on the horizon. The awning also has a wireless motor that connects to a standard electrical outlet and is located inside the fabric roller tube. You can operate the motor with a switch or via a remote.


About Us

Wrightway is the SunShade Awning dealer in the Oshkosh, Madison, Milwaukee, and Fond du Lac markets. We have an expansive service area and we are experts in replacing awnings or installing new awnings on existing homes. Introduce an outdoor living space to your home today. We’d love to give you some advice on awning options for your home. Find out more at www.WrightwayBuilt.com.