Cutting the grass is one of the most basic practices for keeping your lawn healthy and green all summer long. Keeping your lawn short and looking good, however, is more complicated than just running a lawn mower over the grass. You have to keep in mind the factors such as grass height, mowing frequency, and type of mower used. These all play a huge role in a healthy lawn.

In addition to being visually appealing, the denser grass that results from proper mowing also helps prevent weeds and pests. Check out the mowing tips below to maintain the best lawn for your home this summer:

Grass Blade Tips

If you cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blades’ height, it will deter your lawn’s ability to grow and stay healthy. By growing your grass to high therefore cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade to get your grass to the length you desire, it could potentially damage the root growth. If the root growth is altered, it forces the grass to work harder to recover and slower which could lead to weeds and pests throughout your lawn.

Note, cutting more than 1/3 of the height of the grass blades will also result in tan-colored patches throughout your lawn which essentially is called scalping. Scalping can also occur during a hot summer or during a drought but this practice can allow weeds to appear on your lawn. Scalping is only recommended before the growing season in order to prep the lawn for a fast green lawn.

In certain cases when your grass grows too tall, we recommend cutting the grass regularly and slowly reduce the cutting height until you have reached the height you desire.

Types of Mowers

The key to mowing a healthy, attractive lawn lies in the type of mower you use. Also, if you don’t use a sharp, properly adjusted mower, you will tear your grass as opposed to cutting it, giving your lawn a poor appearance and affording diseases an opportunity to attack. It’s recommended to change your mower blade about once a month during the growing season when it’s getting regular use. See the differences between the two different mowers listed below:

Reel Mowers


Reel Mowers work best on grass with a shorter height of 1 inch. or less. To cut the grass, it uses a shearing action. Features of the reel mower include running quietly and following the contour of the land more easily compared to other mowers. Keep in mind it does require special care when sharpening the blades.

Rotary Mowers


The primary type of mower for a majority of homeowners is the rotary mower. It’s the most effective at cutting grass to  a height of 1 1/2-3 inches. The mowers works by using a high-speed while rotating the blade to cut the grass. Rotary mowers tends to be loud but are easier to sharpen and maintain in comparison to reel mowers.

Recycling Your Grass

If you cut your grass frequently enough to keep it healthy, you should be able to leave any resulting clippings in the grass. Clippings are usually good because they decompose quickly and return nutrients to the soil. However, if your lawn contains a lot of weeds, or if a large amount of clippings are produced, it’s best to discard clippings until the grass is healthier.

If you remove the clippings even if they are from healthy grass, you can use them as mulch or in compost piles. These clippings are also great for gardeners who then use them in their gardens as a natural fertilizer.

Benefits of a Properly Mowed Lawn

Appropriate mowing practices are fundamental to managing a healthy, green lawn as well as denser grass and less weeds. To get the quality lawn you desire, accompany your mowing with proper irrigation, fertilization, and applications of weed and pest control products.

Additional Grass-Cutting Tips to Keep in Mind

As a general thing to note, grass should be mowed more often in the spring roughly every three-four days when it is actively growing compared to the summer months. We suggest mowing your lawn in the summer every seven-ten days when droughts or warmer temperatures slow the growth of the grass. Remember, with any grass type, removing too much leaf mass stunts grass growth and the plant will not be able to produce enough food to maintain a healthy growth.

Check your lawn for large rocks, sticks, and other debris before mowing. To eliminate clumping, mow your lawn when the leaf surface is dry.


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