Winter is officially here and with the cold temperatures approaching, you can’t help but want to turn up the temperature in your home. However, a majority of the cold air is coming from your windows and we have some tips for you to eliminate any drafts coming in. These tips are affordable and worth the investment if it means saving money and staying warm.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are a great way to have your windows insulated and still get warmth from the natural sunlight streaming through. These can simply be ordered and shipped to your home and are customized specifically for your window or door design. You just have to place the shades and secure the brackets and mount the shade to the brackets.

If you want to add more to your windows, try adding insulated curtains to prevent more air coming through. This is a fashionable way to keep excess air out and can block out light in the early mornings. The heavier the fabric, the more air will be kept out. There are also insulated curtains with a built-in thermal backing available for purchase.

Draft Snakes

A draft snake is a fabric tube that can be placed on the bottom of your door and on a window sill to prevent cold air from coming into your home. They are affordable to purchase and are also easy to make right at home. All you need to make your own draft snakes are a tube of fabric that will fit the width of your window or door and fill it with dried rice. If you have doors in your home that may not all be even, draft snakes are a perfect way to cover all of the gaps.

Rubber Strips

Rubber Weather Stripping is an easy and effective way to stick on your windows to avoid any draft coming in. All you have to do is cut the strips down to fit properly in your window and then peel and stick to the frame. They are relatively cheap and can be purchased at any hardware store or directly online.

Window Insulation Film

Another affordable way to insulate your windows is to invest in a window insulation film. It if very effective and one package includes enough for up to 5 windows in your home. The package includes the plastic shrink film as well as double stick tape.

You would apply the shrink film to the indoor window frame with the double-stick tape included. After the tape is applied, you would then apply heat from a hair dryer to shrink the film and remove any wrinkles to create a smooth look to your windows. If these are applied properly, it will not alter the style of your windows.


Hopefully you feel a difference in temperature and see a difference on your electric bill. We hope these tips helped you if this is has been an ongoing issue for you and hope you have a warm winter season.



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