Warranty is a word that can mean a lot of different things. In the window replacement industry, it’s not uncommon for people to throw around words like “lifetime” without much respect for what that term actually means.

We look at things a little differently.

  1. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t take care of our customers.
  2. We chose our manufacturing partners based on their ability to deliver on their warranty to both us and our customers.
  3. We believe it’s important to have an accessible copy of your warranty – even before you make a purchase. Here’s the Marvin Infinity Warranty.
    • 10 year warranty on manufacturing defects, materials and workmanship.
    • 20 year warranty on insulating glass.

Take the time to evaluate different warranties before assuming they cover what you need. Many vinyl window manufacturers will not provide their  warranty until the job is complete and paid in full. We’re different and that’s just one of the many ways we go about this process with YOU in mind!